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            I’ve lived in Florida my entire life and have had the opportunity to travel the state to find unique places to sight see and spend time relaxing by the shore. Although there is the world-famous Walt Disney World tourist hot spot in the center of the state, Florida has many more spots for you to see!

1. Florida Keys

            One of my favorite places to visit during my vacation time is the Florida Keys. Living a couple hours away definitely has its perks. This past summer I had the opportunity to drive down with my dad and spend a weekend in Marathon, FL. We went at the peak of lobster season and I was able to trail behind the boat looking for the little critters along the ocean floor.

            Growing up by the water, being on the boat has been one of my favorite things to do and experiencing the salty air and crystal blue waters in the Keys gave me such a rush. I can say that the sunsets here are also to die for! Eating fresh seafood for dinner while watching the sun set on the calm waters each night was like nothing I’d ever seen. I highly recommend finding a time in your schedule to see what the Florida Keys has to offer.

2. Wynwood, Miami

            If you’re trying to hit up a different spot that is known for its unique art and trendy vibes, then I recommend Wynwood in Miami. This place is truly stunning, and it gives you the opportunity to see massive art works from different artists in the city. Did I mention it’s free? Just grab an iced coffee from a local shop and take your time to view the gallery of work on the walls of this beautiful city.

            My friends and I have made this into a day trip where we take our time viewing the art and picking which walls would look best for our next Instagram posts, because we have to think about this, right? Then we made our way to Miami’s famous South Beach for a gorgeous sunset by the water.


3. Destin, Florida

            Being part of a family that likes to travel, we’ve also made our way to the west coast of Florida. If you haven’t been, you’re really missing out! I have traveled all the way to the panhandle and seen white sand beaches and clear water. What more can you ask for? I think being on the beach with your whole family is a great way to spend a vacation, considering I’ve been doing it my whole life. The beach is home to me, and it feels more like home when the people I love are there with me.


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